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Going Carbon Neutral

Thinking about becoming carbon neutral but don’t know where to start. Join the leaders and achieve certification through the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS), the Australian Government’s Carbon Neutral Program. It’s the best way to demonstrate your carbon neutral integrity and join a growing sustainable business network.

Carbon neutral certification is available for organisations,  products and services, buildings, precincts and events.

Measure, reduce, offset, verify, submit. Sounds easy but if you’d like help contact us.

Are you a Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partner? The City of Adelaide’s 2019-20 Sustainability Incentives Scheme provides funding for greenhouse gas inventories, audits, emissions reduction strategies and carbon neutral certification. See more.

Join others in the quest for a Carbon Neutral Adelaide – SBC is a proud partner of this initiative.

Read more on Australia’s Carbon Neutral Program by clicking here.

We can help you achieve carbon neutral certification and create successful carbon programs with tangible outcomes. Take the opportunity and call me now.” Suzanne Ridding, Sustainable Business Consultants.

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Being certified under the Carbon Neutral Program shows Government recognition for your responsible carbon action.

Case Studies

Uniting Communities

An overview of our services for Uniting Communities.

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Adelaide Airport Ltd

An overview of our services for  Adelaide Airport Ltd.

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Statewide Super

An overview of our services for Statewide Super. Coming Soon.

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“Suzanne’s expertise in environmental sustainability led Uniting Communities to significantly reduce it’s carbon emissions and become the first South Australian organisation to achieve Carbon Neutrality in accordance with the Federal Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard. Suzanne was instrumental in Uniting Communities reaching this milestone with her leadership, management, consultative and communicative skills coming to the fore. I recommend Suzanne to any organisation wanting to lower their carbon footprint.”, Lee Sauerwald, Executive Manager Corporate, Uniting Communities.