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Carbon risk and its impact on financial returns is increasingly occupying the minds of investors, customers, lenders, boards and CFOs.

Know your carbon impacts, know what carbon is costing you. Finding out what’s causing your carbon emissions and what proportion of turnover those activities represent will help to identify the scale of the risk and possible savings.

Planning for a low carbon future makes good business sense. Start with greenhouse gas measurement then create an emissions reduction plan.

Identify opportunities for energy reduction, operational efficiency and savings to your bottom line. Manage your carbon risks and meet disclosure requirements.

Carbon Disclosure Project research has shown that many carbon reduction activities generate an annual return on investment (ROI) of 33%, equivalent to a payback period of three years.

In its basic form carbon management consists of measuring, planning, reducing, monitoring and offsetting.

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“Suzanne is a highly experienced, skilled and versatile professional who played a pivotal role in assisting Adelaide Airport Ltd be the first Australian airport to achieve Airport Carbon Accreditation from Airports Council International. She also authored the company’s first climate adaptation plan and was a key consultant in driving the 1.17MW solar project completed in April 2016. She was able to provide crucial and effective support in multiple areas.” Stephanie Bolt, Environment Manager, Adelaide Airport Ltd

Case Studies

Adelaide Airport

Find out about our leading role in helping to achieve airports carbon accreditation, expanding solar and developing a climate adaptation plan.

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