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Business Sustainability

Business survival can depend on many things. Being aware of the top global and local concerns and trends is important, as is understanding your internal strengths and weaknesses.

A recent PwC CEO survey revealed that 85% of CEOs agree that over the next five years, a greater number of customers will seek out products and services from organisations that address wider needs, like health or environmental responsibility or societal contribution”.

Have you analysed your supply chain? Do you know if the manufacture of your products is causing child labour or polluting rivers? Consider developing a sustainable procurement / purchasing policy and process.

Stakeholder engagement is critical to finding out what your customers, shareholders, partners and employees care about so you can respond accordingly.

Global Reporting Indicators help to show how your organisation meets accepted sustainability standards. ASX listed companies are expected to report on their environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks.

Many businesses want to save resources – many want to save the world – many just want to be profitable without harming the environment. What does business sustainability mean for you?

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A well thought out sustainability strategy and clear objectives can lead to business growth, increased profits and long term shareholder value.

“Business cannot succeed in a society that fails”, World Business Council for Sustainable Development”.